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Monday, December 06, 2004

Banana Nose Is Not My Name

Back at work. ick. Drizzly and rainy. Super ick. Shameful secret: we don’t have cable so in my desperation, I actually watched a half hour of the network broadcast of a movie with Nicolas Cage in it, whom I really dislike (though he was great in Raising Arizona, one of my fave comedies of all time…it’s been all downhill for him from there) called “Family Man”. I can’t believe this movie actually made it to the theaters and that some percentage of the population actually saw it. It was bad, and I’ve seen lots of bad movies (Last Samurai…why oh why did I rent this?). “Pieces of April”, however, is very good little movie, I have to say. Dysfunctional family movies always make me feel pretty freakin’ great about my own.

Besides that, I spent last night reapplying myself to the TASCAM four-track, inspired by Dave’s friend Bryan telling me that it’s really easy and that I shouldn’t be intimidated by it. That was before we realized the free demo of Pro Tools won’t work on my OS. I need to either run two different systems or find someone who has a copy of the real thing to lend me to see if I like it before I buy…anyone? I need to think of an alias to record under. I’ve always wanted to have one…or at least a nickname…but never have (ok, except for my Mom calling me Banana Nose which isn’t really my idea of a cool name)…

Damnit YOU! You have got me reading and responding to damn bloggers! also FYI, CR is getting a new car, as posted,.,, I can post pictures for you later. also, if you want mister prolly has the software you need.
i watched that damn movie too. but, in my defense, i fell asleep in the middle of it.

G, are you sure you don't want to tell me how beautiful my EYES are? I feel like I sure let everyone in on the joke that is CR's blog...but I guess that's mean...heh..heh...
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