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Friday, April 29, 2005

How Appropriate Is This Ann Coulter Pic?

ann coulter
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wait...is she even wearing a bra?

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Me n' Tina

We finally bought a station wagon, which, I mean, I was gonna buy anyway, kid or no kid. I’ve always wanted one. I’ve learned to fit more than should be allowed into the ole trusty Honda Civic (such as an entire shelving system and 10 bags of gravel – ummm…not at the same time though) but it’ll be nice not to have to ask friends with larger vehicles to help us pick up stuff. And imagine the glee of bulk trash pick up day! Whoo hoo! Though I am enamored of the wagon, I do greatly fear the cult of the Soccer Mom. When I was younger, I always swore to myself, I’ll never become one of those dorky, poorly dressed Moms that don’t take care of themselves or have a lame haircut. But now I see how that’s so easy to fall into. You spend so much time taking care of your kids ‘cause you love them, you sorta neglect yourself. And of course, what you look like isn’t as important…or is it? I don’t think it’s crucial to look perfect. Coming from someone who never irons anything ever, that should be obvious. But if I start wearing “Mom Jeans” someone needs to let me know that ain’t right (speaking of which, just found out Tina Fey is also preggo). Promise me friends, you won’t let me slip into a downward spiral of sweatpants?

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

New Blog Alert!

Check it out, yo!


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I'm Still Here!

Oh, poor blog, how I have ignored you. There has been so much going on since we last spoke! I’ve just finished a batch of writing for Venus and Bitch, so I have a little room to breathe and bury myself back into the Sears Baby Book (i.e. instruction manual). You really have to cut that kind of reading with other stuff because after about ten pages on diaper rash, your attention does wander.

Last Saturday, Rene and I held a pre-wedding celebration for Sarah. We went to the Austin Diner for breakfast (delicious!), to the salon, then to dinner @ Vivo, Thoroughly Modern Millie (which is in reality, not so modern!) and Longbranch Inn. During the break, Dave and I bought a car. The night before, we had to walk out on a dealer who was screwing us around. I did a lot of research on this car – the features, the pricing, financing – and made of study of evil sales tactics. I felt very prepared, but it was far worse than I expected. It was almost as if the guy who I dealt with was following the official car salesperson manual, so closely did he follow every single “trick” I had read about. It would have been laughable if it also weren’t so uncomfortable and annoying. First of all, I think it bothered him greatly to deal with me, not Dave. They moved from being nice to bullying tactics towards the end and gave me their final offer. Anyway, we walked out. Of course, who called at 9am the next morning (and all day long) to tell me they would accept my offer? We ended up at another dealer and bought a car with some miles on it and a little damage that they are now fixing for free for less than I expected to pay and gave us twice as much for Dave’s car. So, it all worked out. But Jesus, it was stressful. Oh yeah, we bought a Subaru Outback (at Austin Infiniti Subaru, not Gillman, home of the evilness).

Changing subjects…last night was the Happy Hour for Nancy Keenan, the new NARAL president, hosted by NARAL Pro-Choice Texas. It was held at AMS Studios, a Disneyland of a workplace with googly eyes staring from the bathroom fixtures, strange and mesmerizing murals on the walls, a “Fantasia” room and all kinds of kitschy touches. Nancy was a wonderful speaker and just went up and introduced herself to random people there, which I thought was cool. In the best part of her speech, she talked about exposing the hypocrisy of the GOP on women’s healthcare, and that Republicans support children “from conception to birth.”

Monday, April 11, 2005

!!!Launch Party Spectacular!!!

So, the Girlstown Productions Launch Party went fabulously! Beerland was at or near capacity and everyone was drinkin’, smokin’ and eatin’ cupcakes. Brea kicked things off with a rockin’ array of party music, then the Tunas took the stage and Adrienne impressed everyone with her super high karate kicks and puppetry (and Khattie sure looked hotter than shit in that bustier!). Ms. Led tore it up with their characteristically energetic, catchy punk rock (simply shocking considering they drove in from Denver that very same day) and were, as always, the sweetest band on the planet. What Made Milwaukee Famous rounded out the bill with an incredible set of electronic pop and garage rock attitude. Michael Kingcaid’s voice is simply one of the best in indie rock. (even Dave will admit that). And they’re just gloriously nice fellows to boot. Thanks to everyone that made this happen! Special shout outs go to Sarah who helped with cupcakes (and emotional support…), Pam who baked cookies, Beerland folk for helping out, Leslie for dropping by with flowers, Spencer for decorating help (and again, just being there) and of course Dave who had to bear the brunt of the freaking out and complaining and who drove all the way to Brea’s boyfriend’s to pick up extra drums for Khattie to play. Now that’s dedication! And then, finally, to everyone who came and made the event a success, I love you. If I weren’t married, I’d totally want to go out with you. I’ll have some pictures posted to the Girlstown website in a few days!

Monday, April 04, 2005

Mommy, Where Do Republicans Come From?

I’m reading “The Baby Book” by William and Martha Sears and their general parenting philosophy is something called “attachment parenting”, which is based on seven basic principles for babies:

1. Birth Bonding (connect with your baby early)
2. Belief in Your Baby’s Cries (read and respond to your baby’s cues)
3. Breastfeed
4. Babywearing (carry your baby a lot)
5. Bedding Close to Baby (if you baby wants to sleep with you, let them)
6. Balance and Boundaries (be appropriately responsive – make sure you are taking care of yourself)
7. Beware Baby Trainers (do what you think is right – don’t follow some plan that someone tells you that’s “best” for your baby)

What’s interesting is that their theory is that by responding to your baby (i.e. not trying to “train” them or ignoring their cries), you teach them to trust you. This will ultimately make it easier for the parents to be in charge. They also note: “The other dividend to expect is mutual sensitivity.” The Sears conducted an informal study in their practice and found that parents who used an “attachment” rather than a “training” method had more sensitive children and that “as they got older, these connected children were deeply bothered by situation that weren’t right. They were compassionate when other children cried and were quickly there to comfort.” They also had a greater capacity for intimacy because they learned to bond through touch. Their counterparts, however, tended to bond with things.

This brings to mind that Republican lingo and false pride about “pulling themselves up by their bootstraps” and about their early independence from their parents who were hard on them, who pushed them to conform to a routine and succeed. Something tells me that these parents did not use attachment parenting! That would explain the reliance on things and money for happiness as well as a lack of compassion for others.

So perhaps we should blame Bill O’Reilly’s Mom?

Friday, April 01, 2005

Girlstown Productions Launch Party, April 8th @ Beerland!

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