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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Beware The Gooey Eye

Poor Malcolm went to the vet today. He had a thorn in his eye! Poor little guy. So now he has an "eye ulcer" - right in time for us to leave town of course. So now, all my friends have to put drops in his eye this weekend. Sheesh. I am lucky I have friends. Of course, they all have pets and I know there will be some payback (as well there should...) Tommorow is the wedding of Dave's friends Nikheel and Michelle. It will be the first Catholic/Indian wedding I've ever been to.

I'm working on my New's Year's Resolutions. One is to eat less sugar. I'm a pretty healthy eater in general, but I do go through binge/purge cycles with sugar. God, it's so good. Second is to try and be more comfortable with talking to random people in unfamiliar places. I tend to clam up and freak out. It's silly, I know, but I have some minor social anxiety, I guess. Third is to budget money better which I figure I'll stick to for two months. Ummm, there are probably other places where I am deficient, but I'm not ready to admit them just yet.

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