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Saturday, December 11, 2004


I STILL can't get the photo software to work for this damn thing. That way I can annoy a lot of people at one time with photos of my cats which I will declare to be the CUTEST EVER. You know why? Because I am a crazy cat lady. You heard me. I embrace that as an integral part of my identity. How did this happen? I think research will show that it's something you're born with. Cat person or dog person...gay or straight...Rolling Stones or Beatles...

Oh, I ate some Indian food last night and actually liked it! I was always under the impression that it wasn't for me with all the heavy sauces and what not. But the Tandoori had no sauce. And that fried bread...bring it on, yo. In addition to being a cat person, I am also a food person. Some might say...a food snob.

I finished my Frausdots story for Rocket Fuel and it should be up in maybe a week or so on the website. I reviewed their album Couture, Couture, Couture and interviewed 'em...Couture is like...the best eighties album you never heard...and it's totally about drugs, fashion, glammy glam glam stuff...but these pretty Echo and The Bunnymen-esque pop songs. It took me about four listens to get into it and then I loved it. Then again, I also like that new Gwen Stefani song...not Rich Girl, the other one. What can I say? I am a sucker for some good pop. I am totally comfortable listening to Alex Chilton next to Ciara...

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