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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

There’s this HORRIBLE Helzberg Diamond commercial that has been running constantly in the past two weeks. I mean like every 15 minutes on FOX. A man buys a maroon box with a bow on it from Helzberg and walks to meet his lady friend to a blues/rockabilly song “Mojo Box”. As he travels to meet her, women of all colors leer at him, presumably because he’s carrying diamonds. Or maybe they’re leering at the box. Either way, it’s gross. Then his lady friend sees it and pretty much jumps him. Look, I recognize that diamonds are pretty and everything. I just feel like this is supporting some (wrong, deeply disturbing) stereotype that women can be bought off with expensive gifts. Been an emotional absent loser boyfriend/husband all year? Buy her a freakin’ diamond, already. Women want you if you buy a diamond. You’re the biggest lion in the jungle by displaying your economic prowess! And yes, I do know that this is penance for my having written *terrible* jewelry ads in the past.

In Girlstownproductions.com news, we have a logo by none other than Marshall S., one of Austin’s finest. Still working on the absolute shitload of writing that needs to be done.

Note of Funni-ness: Spell Checking this document, the computer recommended "foreskin" as a replacement for "freakin'"...heh heh heh (In Beavis-y laugh)...

damn. guess i'd better rethink my plans for your present. i was really hoping to get jumped. d
pro tools or recording equipment will get you more action any day, baby
i am more of a small diamond kind of girl.. heee heeee!!! -g
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