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Monday, December 27, 2004

Holiday Fun Comes To A Close

The holiday festivities are coming to a close and I return to work tommorow (but then, uh, take Thursday and Friday off, so it's really not that bad). I was thinking today about how sad it will be to come home to a dark house after we take the lights off. We could leave 'em up til next year, but as we learned this past year, squirrels eventually start to chew through the wires.

Last night was the "meeting of the parents" - my Mom met Dave's parents & sister. It went really well and they all chatted up a storm. I think the alcohol really helped.

My Mom's visit was tons o' fun but of course this means next year we must leave the comfort of Austin for the great white north (and by that I mean Oklahoma and Missouri). The only bad thing that happened was that Malcolm peed on her pillow. For those of you who have anxiously followed the ever developing Polly Poo stories, I would like to report that she was on her very best behavior and did not pee or poo inside the house the entire time despite the extreme cold temperatures outside. Good for her.

And now, I must search for Christmas sale items at Target for 2005....

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