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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Holy Crap! Links!

I've added some links to the side of the page...slowly learning this crazy new technology! I'm only about...er...five years behind. Sigh. This means cable television is not far behind. My identification with the Luddites is crumbling.

Anyway, Rocket Fuel is an online music site that I write for. I also did some music reviews for the Winter issues of Bitch and Venus. If you go to Venus online, you'll see one of my reviews on the first page! Eek! I am so excited!

My friend Kim and I are starting a music/activism website and hope it will be up sometime in January -- girlstownproductions.com We're working on content and will have music & live show reviews and interviews, as well as features on local non profits and news pertaining primarily to women's rights. We'll be focusing on the ongoing battle to preserve our right to obtain safe and legal abortions.

The other link is to my friend Spencer's blog and list of shows he's playing in the NYC area. He so rocks. And ladies, he's single!

Hey! Congrats on the recent publishings. Its very exciting and I couldn't be prouder of you!!!
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