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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

It begins....

The other day, my Mom reminded me about The Silver Zephyr. As I recall, it was the name of a bicycle in a book I'd read (though in reality a train name) and I was obsessed with the sound of it and, most likely, the exotic spelling. I used The Silver Zephyr as a "company" name for my many enterprises, under which I engaged in various schemes. One of these was making small costumes out of felt for my friends favorite stuffed animals. The only costume I remember making was for Toasty, a penguin, owned by this kid in my class named Alan (believed to be a genius by the rest of the class, myself included). I am about 95% sure it was a court jester costume.

When my Mom asked me if I remembered the Silver Zephyr, I was just as enamoured of its sound. And I still have to pause to correctly spell it out even today. And so, it seemed a capitol idea for a title.

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