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Friday, December 10, 2004

Leggo My Ligonberry

I went to the store to get some Xmas crap and there are, like, one million types of specialty wrapping accessories for any gift imaginable. So overwhelming, the choices. I think that’s all part of the Republican conspiracy. Give us so many consumer choices we get confused trying to buy really simple things and don’t have the brain power to do much else. Gosh, do I want the toilet paper with the blue flowers or with the pink ribbon? Which would my ass like better? Hrm…. There are even a new line of tampons out with clever names, cute boxes and quotes on the inside of the packages (presumably, so you have something to read in the stall) called “Dittie”. Yup, my vagina sure needs that! Anyway, I bought wrapping paper a month ago at Ikea. At least maybe I am supporting those crazy Swedes what with their socialism and Ligonberry drink. Mmmm….Ligonberry…

Speaking of food, I just had a delightful Dark Chocolate/Espresso Truffle Bar from Seattle Chocolates that I was only going to eat one fourth of, then gradually ate the whole thing. The dark chocolate was a little on the sweet side, but it was very good overall. Recommended.

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