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Friday, December 10, 2004

Peanuts in A Pear Tree

Planters are such liars. They SAY that no more than 50% of the mixed nuts will be peanuts in the can. But there’s always, like, 200 peanuts, two cashews and three pecans. WTF????? I just wonder what my good friend Solly thinks of this travesty...

Last night, we bought a Christmas tree that touches the ceiling. Malcolm wore himself out chasing tissue paper and pouncing from beneath the tree. He was such a little freak, but I was intoxicated with motherly love. Angus slept in his box, completely uninterested and above it all (of course).

Damn straight I'm not going to use my real name. You're messing with the Planter's cartel. Be very very careful.
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