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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Poo and Our Website (not related topics)

Complaining: Definitely having some dog issues this morning. You know, you just don’t want to wake up each day to a big pile of poo on your bathroom rug…or come home to poo in your living room. I think this is a common human desire. If this hadn’t happened consistently for a week or if she hadn’t had ample opportunities to go outside, I might be less irritated, but that just isn’t the case. And yes, yes, I know Malcolm pees on things sometimes…he pees on things that dogs lay on because he is getting territorial with them. And who came blame him? There is zero space for anyone to move about comfortably. I’d pee on something myself if it meant everyone would stay away from it. Except food. No one wants a soggy cookie. Which makes me think of the time I told my brother to pee on that cookie…but that was a long time ago.

Not Complaining: Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day! I’ll be meeting with the exec director of TARAL, an organization you should all check out. They are our Texas branch of NARAL, the National Abortion Rights Action League. Their website is http://www.taral.org Kim and I would like to feature them in our very first edition of girlstownproductions.com. Speaking of the website, things are coming along nicely. I am almost done with an initial graphic design. My friend Nick will code it with Moveable Type. We’ve got two people working on a logo…and we’ve got a huge amount of writing to do! If any of you are interested in reviewing albums or live shows, lemme know…please!

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