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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Startling Realizations

#1: ICE T is a really bad actor. There should never be a Law & Order episode written around his character.

#2: I'm always surprised when boys seem just as concerned about their appearance as women. I forget they're victims of dumb ass ad messages and from seeing too many covers of Men's Health (and/or pornos...ok, mostly pornos...whatever).

#3: I'm getting lamer by the day. Soon, I'll be shaking my fist at those damn kids and their damn music. I'll be wearing a pink terrycloth robe while doing this, of course. And slippers.

Ice T did make a great soundtrack song in the late '80s "Colors". You should check that song out...I think your dog has issues and is crapping inside to tell you something. Watch your step...you can record under the alias "SZ", pronounced seize. Ya know, SZ from siler zephyr.
hmmm...i like that...it has potential.... but people might think SZ means sleazy? ha ha...i guess they'd be kind of right maybe...
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