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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Talk To People More!

Kim, Marshall (Kim's bike-lovin' man) and I attended the GenAustin Happy Hour last night. Two martinis for $10...and oh yeah, it's, like, for a good cause n' stuff. Anyway, we talked to some pretty fascinating, dedicated folks and Kim and I worked *very hard* at being social. We're trying to improve our "networking" (heh heh) skillz...and yes, I realize that keeping an online journal sort of goes against that goal. My New Year's Resolution is hereby..Talk To People More.

GenAustin is a kick ass non-profit that provides empowerment programs for teenage girls and their parents. They do this through a Speaker Series (with topics like "Ten Things Dads Can Do To Support Smart, Saavy Daughters" and "Yoga For Modern Girls") and other specials events. Definitely worth checking out: http://www.genaustin.org Wish I had access to this kind of stuff when I was fourteen.

On a completely unrelated note, I was wondering today if Dennis Miller and Ann Coulter have TOTALLY DONE IT. I bet they have. They so freakin' deserve each other. Bleh.

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