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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Toast n' Stuff

Angus likes to walk across the keyboard while I'm typing which is bad because he weighs, like, eighteen lbs (not exaggerating).

Beautiful weekend. It was eighty here today which is ridiculous considering we are getting ready for Xmas. Did yard work all day and remembered what a drag it is being an adult. Bah! The flurry of activity makes up for the fact that we actually just had fun yesterday. Headed to the Cherrywood Art Festival, El Azteca and The Blue Genie Art Bazaar for presents, then Lovejoys. Bought stuff for Mom and, uh, me. Dave got me the cutest purse in the world with a piece of toast on it (for me). Not actually toast, cartoon toast. With a happy gace and toasty cheeks! Whee....Came home and our DOOR WAS OPEN. We had been gone for eight hours. Surprisingly, nothing was gone and the cats were located quickly. I was practically hyperventilating with worry about Malcolm. But he was in the neighbor's yard. Nobody stole the tree. We must not have pulled the door shut all the way or something...I don't know...stupid, stupid!

I made Dave turn off the news this morning because my ears were hurting listening to Russert talk about Scalia. I can't bear it, honestly.

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