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Monday, December 06, 2004

Xylophone Is Fun To Type

I completely forgot how good Nestle butterscotch chips are. Especially if you eat one chocolate and one butterscotch chip at the exact same time. I think you'll find, as I did, that it's a taste sensation!

The Blue Genie Art Bazaar is this weekend (goes from 12/9-12/19 and opens at 10 every day!) if ya'll are lookin' for some super cool Austin-made stuff. Ex-Ladyfester and all around neat gal Gina McCool will be displaying some of her jewelry. http://www.bluegenieart.com/ for more info. Their place is over on Springdale by the Blue Theater in the lot behind Salvation Army. It sounds hard to get to and maybe it kinda is the first time, but you'll find it. Kim and I are planning a trip this weekend if anyone's interested...

Does anyone have a Xylophone? I am interested in purchasing one. Or borrowing for an extended period of time. I require a Xylophone to make my vision a reality.

from the desk of Miss Lady-
from the desk of Miss Lady-

uMMM.. duh,. i have a xylophone. and you can borrow it. i will bring it if i come up next week. you need a second mallet. but it is a 50's school band xylophone in great shape. which reminds me, my coworker mistakenly called an accordian file a xylophone file the other day.... hahaha. i didn't correct her cause i didn't want to seem mean.
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