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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Bush Induced Delirium

After a flu-induced delirium last night, I’m feeling at least 50% better. I spent about three hours half-awake/half-asleep really confused. I honestly couldn’t tell if I was dreaming or whatever I was seeing had actually happened. Then, I sweat through all my clothes and felt much better. Now, it’s mainly hacking and coughing. I’m sure you’re happy I filled you in on that. Of course, trusty Malcolm was by my side the entire time. Pets have a way of knowing when you’re sick and need to be comforted.

So, speaking of delirium, a few days ago Dave mentioned the news about covert military operations in Iran as revealed by Seymour Hersh, the journalist who first brought Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal to light; it bothered me so much, I couldn’t really process it immediately. I mean, yes, I knew it was coming, deep down. But I’m still shocked as hell. Should I be happy that I’m not so cynical as to not be floored by this kind of information? Read about it here. Way to create more terrorists, Bush! Iran, Syria…what’s next?

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