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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Everyone Goes To Target

So, one of the best things about having this blog is that I didn’t have to explain to everyone in person that I was sick. Everyone was like, yeah, I read about it already (including my Mom). Anyway, now that I’m back…what have I missed? I have DAYS of celebrity gossip to catch up on!

I was just reading this article which you all might find interesting…the Ten Worst Corporations of 2004. http://www.commondreams.org/views05/0124-21.htm I’m sure it was hard to just pick ten. You know, part of me wants to call out to everyone, “Don’t buy from these people” but the sad reality is that most corporations are doing bad shit and it’s just not possible to avoid every single one. If Target (god forbid!) were to one day show up on that list would I really not go? Toilet paper has to come from somewhere. And Lord knows that Charmin is doing in India for chrissakes. Would I stop using my migraine medicine because the company that makes it is on that list? Of course not. I suppose the best that can be hoped for is a government that actually imposes some regulations or at least taxes corporations. And while it’s obvious that exactly the opposite has happened and will continue to get worse under Bush, I doubt there would have been much difference Democratic rule. They’re all in bed with the same folks. Are lists like this important anymore? I suppose to simply maintain your current level of cynicism and anger – yes. The only store that I just don’t go to is WalMart! Absolutely not! Well, except for that time I went to Sam’s to have all my photos developed because it’s really cheap and that time…errr….ummmm…..yeah. I’ll shut up now.

my best friend's spouse works for one of the companies on this list. it amazes me how the pursuit of money can make you warp your ethics or even deny your role in your company's dealings. they just bought a huge house.
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