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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Happy...oh never mind...

Well, I WAS going to wish you Happy Sanctity of Human Life Day but Dave beat me to the punch on his blog. It's hilarious so just go read his, 'kay?

We ate at a kick ass (and expensive) restaurant last night called Uchi. I know that sounds pretty snobariffic, but hey, I'm a bit like that with food. But I'm not the person who pooh poohs BBQ and a good homeade mac n' cheese and Jezebel ham, nosiree. Just don't eat substandard vittles. The point is, outside of a good juicy Jalapeno sausage, sushi fusion (oh god, I can't believe I just used that lame word...) of things like toro, goat cheese and balsamic vinegar works surprisingly well. Also noteable was scallop in pumpkin puree. That shit was GOOD, I tells ya. Luckily we were there very early so Marshall could get to work on time, which was a blessing 'cause hipsters started stinking up the joint by the time we left. We headed to Lovejoys for a bit, had a fiery argument about Female Genital Mutilation then came home (I'm not lying about this...)

Not looking forward to returning to work tommorow and the shitstorm of work that surely waits me. Still have to finish reviews for Bitch (Enon) and Venus (Nedelle). For some reason, I write better when I'm at work. I think it's just the "working" vibe/environment of being in an office as opposed to sitting in front of the computer in my robe with a cat on my lap. That's nice of course, but more likely ends up in me buying pop songs on itunes.

For anyone STILL WITH ME, please do yourself the biggest favor of your entire freaking life and go see Ms. Led and the Thermals on Saturday at Emo's. The show will be nothing short of fantastic and rock-filled!!! Also planning on seeing Arcade Fire on Friday which will be packed, I am sure. They are so "it"...sheesh...

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