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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Kinda Random, Really

I'm feeling very overwhelmed, workwise. I seriously need an assistant or an intern or whatever...someone to boss around and do my shit work for me. Eek.

I'm trying to write an album review of Low's "The Great Destroyer" tonite and it's just not happening. I write for a while, then abandon, then write, then abandon. That's the way it is with me and music reviews. I'm still waiting for inspiration. Some sort of Low-sent angel to give me some really great synonyms for "morose."

My Mom called yesterday to tell me that she's sending some childhood books my way. When she was in town, I picked up a book at Uncommon Objects and fondly remembered the illustrations and asked if she still had them. She said she had just given them to St. Vincents weeks ago (a charity). I thought I would just pick up a few on ebay, so I was checking and some of them were super expensive. It turns out that Andy Warhol did some of his first illustrations for this 1958 series (called "The Best In Children's Books")! I told her and unwittingly made her feel bad. So she went back and bought them back. I also got two on ebay. One of the two I bought has Warhol's illustrations for a story called "Homemade Orchestra" which describes how to make your own instruments. I was surprised at the look of his art - it's very simple and childlike. Check it out!

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