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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Monsoon Wedding

This weekend, we went to Houston for Michelle and Nikheel's wedding. It was a beautiful affair. Quite fancy shmancy, I must say. On Friday night, we went to the "Garba-Raas" a sort of traditional pre-celebration. Many family members sang both old and new songs and proffered toasts and roasts. In addition, there was some tradition Indian stick dancing. The next night (New Year's Day) was the official ceremony, an interesting mix of Catholic and Indian traditions including fire, rose petals, tying the bride and groom together and many offerings to Ganesha. The dinner afterwards was held in a gorgeously decorated ballroom with open bar (whoo hoo!!!), fab Indian food and a dessert fest. We ate soooooo much. Mmmm. I spent today visiting with my friend Gina, her fiance Major and their ridiculously adorable baby, Zuri. See attached photo for cuteness.

their is NO cuteness in that picture at all. we all look like hell.
hey anna! happy new year.
i just remembered i did
create a blogger acct a
while ago. but i never use it.
anyway. at least you'll know it's me
when i comment & stalk you!
shaddup. you all look cute. the picture is too small to see what you all REALLY look like anyway<:
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