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Friday, January 28, 2005

More Reasons To Move To Sweden

When I think about the fact that healthcare is not considered a basic human right in this country, my blood boils. Oh you’re poor? Fuck you – you can die. Oh, your child has cancer? Well, too bad, I guess you’ll spend the rest of your life trying to keep up with hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical bills you’ll never be able to pay. Have a nice life! Hmmm…AIDS medication? Sorry, that’s for the rich white people. Not enough to go around for you, my friend. In the US, lack of wealth can be a death sentence.

Basically, to have any sort of acceptable healthcare, you have to work for a large company. What a great way to force people to work in a job they don’t like, for a company that doesn’t have their best interests (or anyone else’s) at heart! You get to voluntarily enslave yourself to stay alive.

And what does Bush think we should do? Well, we should computerize medical records to SAVE MONEY for huge HMOS and PPOS that make money hand over fist!
Yes, that truly is a crisis in this country. I was just thinking to myself, you know, I don’t think United Healthcare or Blue Cross Blue Shield are making enough money! Poor little guys. Of course, we wouldn’t want to be…gasp! Socialized like those crazy European countries! Wow, I mean, they’re practically Communists! Wait…what’s that you say? The Euro is stronger than the dollar? Oh.

Dave should really be bitching about this on his blog as he was just screwed over by COBRA. They basically took his money, then dropped his coverage without notice…it’s kind of a long story and pretty evil. Guess what? We don’t think they’re going to give us the money back!

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