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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Small Boobs Are Not The Enemy

You know what really infuriates me? When people say about breast enlargements: “Well, if it makes them feel better about themselves, I think its okay”. That’s a legitimate reason for a woman undergoing a dangerous operation for something that is both unnecessary and can KILL her? A comment like this demonstrates that they did not think very deeply about why a woman might feel this way (oh, ya know, centuries of oppression, society’s overemphasis on looks, the creation of competition between women to “catch a man” etc…) and the fact that if someone thinks bigger breasts are going to make them feel better they need psychological counseling. I see women proudly parading their large, fake breasts around at the gym (they are always popping out of a sports bra) and it just makes me sad. I can only think to myself, “What happened in your life that made you hate yourself that much?” I want to take them aside and make them read something inspirational from Gloria Steinem.

i blame androcentric beauty standards for creating the demand for this barbarism/desire to self-mutilate. so many times i've heard of how people's boyfriends or husbands will pressure them to get breast augmentation! and pay for it! i also blame the movie "weird science" for putting the idea into boys' heads that they could create their own robot women. it's also sad that soon no one will remember what real breasts look like.
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