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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Some Ranting & Some Weekend News Only A Mother Can Appreciate

Kim and I saw some good local indie rock last night at Emo's (part of the "free week") which was PACKED with people...thus proving our theory Austinites are CHEAP BASTARDS. What Made Milwaukee Famous continue their quick rise to local fame with another fantastic show. This Microwave World were new waverrific as always. I dig them more each time I see 'em. Didn't care for Zykos much, however. I think I saw their keyboard player yawn, too. I acted like a total fan girl and bought a WMMF CD and T shirt. I haven't done that in a loooong time and it felt good to be excited about an ATX band. I thought about how I've completely transitioned into attending almost all indie pop shows - it's a long way from my punk and garage days. I still like punk (well, some of it), but the misogyny and the attitudes of the people in the local punk community became too much to bear. As Kim and I discussed, in its "pure" form, punk rock was a beautiful thing - it promised to be political and socially aware, to not discriminate or base the measure of a band's or musician's worth on technique alone but on style and substance. And from my experience in this community, none of that is true. It's a highly exclusionary world in which people are judged on what they wear, in some bizarre social hierarchy measuring how "punk" you are, and how much you go "out". And girls are seen as inferior imitators or as merely sexual objects. Not only that, but many of the people involved are overwhelmingly negative about other types of music or folks who just aren't "cool enough" to be a part of their clan. Yes, folks, it's high school! Eek! Noone wants to relive that shit! Enough of my ranting. But it makes me sad. I guess I outgrew punk rock. Sniff.

We also ran into a very tipsy Henna and her BF and had some good, gossipy convo. Plus Henna has joined the ranks of "Pet Parents". Now she understands the need to regale others with a barrage of cute pet stories and pictures (pet porn, as I heard someone put it the other day).

I am happy to report that Malcolm's eye ulcer has healed. There's a scar but at least I don't have to hold him down to administer eye drops twice a day or look at his crazy dilated eyeball. Dave is finally back in town tommorow. Poor guy missed both the fondue party and the show last night, but he was doing his grandson-ly duties at his grandfather Tuffy's bedside (see his blog for details) after low sodium landed him in the hospital and has been, as far as I can tell, doing some actual work coaching in Denton and Dallas.

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