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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Big, Surprising News!

Indeed. I'm on some sort of accelerated life plan, it seems. After feeling pretty crappy and having a host of yucky problems which I won't go into here (though Dave does on his blog, so feel free to read it!), I finally went to visit my OB-GYN. I think you see where this is going. Turns out, I'm ten weeks pregnant! Well, goddamn! My first reaction was, well, I guess I can stop thinking about redoing the kitchen. My second reaction was, my friend Gina (who, as you may or not recall had her baby, Zuri, in September) is going to die laughing. For the past two or three years, everything that happens to one of us happens to the other in within months - breakups, engagements...babies. I should have know this was coming. Besides some bloating and bigger boobiness, it's not noticeable yet. But I do fear being rotund through the hot Texas summer. Parents and relatives were delighted, as one would expect, particularly Dave's, who had more or less given up all hope for human grandchildren. Dave has decided to start a pregnancy blog, Meet The Breeders. Hopefully, he won't report anything too gross.

So, also, we got married on Friday. I'd like to stress that I've always wanted a shotgun wedding with BBQ and hillbilly hats, this was a little different. I swear to the guitar gods of Angus and Malcolm Young that we had this planned a month ago so that Dave could get some health insurance. Technically, I think this means we eloped. We have two wedding pictures taken by a near-sighted but sweet judge. I wore a dress I've had for five years. What was cool though was that my friend Sarah surprised us the night before with a beautiful bouquet, ring ("something borrowed") and gift. Even though no one was there (we decided it was everyone or no one...hence no one!), the fact that I had flowers made it seem sort of wedding-y. It was far and away one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me.

So, one week ago I was a wild n' crazy gal, living on the edge. This week, I'm married and pregnant. Sheesh!

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