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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Canada Looks Increasingly Appealing

Thanks to Kim for info on this…

Via the New York Times… http://www.nytimes.com/2005/02/08/politics/08budget.html?oref=regi

Hell, I’ll just give you the “best” part of the article so you don't have to register to get the article:

“Even as his plan took a knife to many spending programs in the name of fiscal responsibility, it left room to make permanent the tax cuts of Mr. Bush's first term, at a cost of $53 billion in the next five years and $1.1 trillion through 2015. The costs are heavily concentrated after 2010 partly because some of the tax cuts, like the repeal of the estate tax, are being phased in gradually until then, holding down the revenue loss in the next five years. The new budget proposal also called for new tax cuts worth $23 billion in the next five years and $117 billion through 2015.”


“The Education Department would end 48 programs, including one that will provide $441 million in grants this year to states to promote drug-free schools and another that will spend $33 million this year on reducing alcohol abuse among students. The Environmental Protection Agency would cut by $500 million its program to help poor communities build wastewater treatment plants and other water projects.”

This effectively answers the question…what happens when rich white assholes run a country?

in an effort to make canada less appealing, Focus on the Family and others are doing something appalling ...

Are Canadians as stupid as Americans? It's groups from the US going into Canada of course. Their hatred for gay people does not stop at borders, people!
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