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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Movie Rec

Just saw the movie “Control Room” a few nights ago about Al Jazeera. It’s amazing to watch Rummy and Bush bash them, then see the real inner workings of the station and the people that staff it. Their reporters actually seem to be…uh…reporting and asking deeper questions about US presence in Iraq while the American media pussyfoots around and refuses to take much a stance on people dying out of fear or misguided patriotism. Lately, I’ve been focusing my political attentions on the pro-choice issue only. I guess after all the torture news, I’ve reached some sort of upper limit of how much depressing shit I can process at one time. So, I was a little worried about watching the movie. But it is essentially a human story as much as a political one – with American and Arab characters coming to grips with what’s going on around them. It’s a character driven “plot” and it does a good job at not demonizing, but presenting the facts and viewpoints and letting you be the judge. Reccommended.

My favorite scene is when the US introduces the now-famous deck of cards at the fortified compund press conference and the reporters gather around and snicker and coo and then the PR hack holds up the cards and the press is like "well, can we SEE it?" and she's like "um ... NO. we only have this one deck" and then they all freak out and chase her and she runs off and locks the door and won't come out. hilarious.
oh yeah! that was a great scene. the best part about that was that i was doing something else at first, so i wasn't sure what they were arguing about. then i realized that they were getting so pissed about such a ridiculous thing like cards instead of addressing the much bigger shit was going on and just felt this incredible loss of respect (from the very little I previously had) for the "reporters".
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