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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Squirrels Get Busy

My schedule has been crazy so I haven’t been updating as much as I should have. Dave’s parents were in town this week and we spent much time eating. Yeah, we did other stuff too (Circe De Soliel, nursery furniture shopping, fixing shit) but I’ll always remember the food. Ah…. I’ve been spending my time freaking out about stuff I don’t know about babies (um, a LOT, apparently), trying to figure out what shows to see at SXSW, getting fat, wondering how exactly I’m going to stay awake for these SXSW shows and contemplating station wagons, and watching the squirrels out my window at work. It’s spring so they’ll start to get frisky soon! That’s always a welcome respite from work.

I’ve been posting the majority of my political yammering to the Ovarian Justice League page on Girlstown. It keeps me on my toes -- at least in Abortion Rights news. I’ve been too depressed to keep up with Iraq. A friend of mine, Matt, is there now and I wince every time they mention what state the dead and wounded are from.

you should change your slogan, "I wish the world didn't suck so bad." Yours does not. Think about it.
ok, well the thing is that THE world still stinks. MY world, not so much. But I see your point.
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