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Monday, April 11, 2005

!!!Launch Party Spectacular!!!

So, the Girlstown Productions Launch Party went fabulously! Beerland was at or near capacity and everyone was drinkin’, smokin’ and eatin’ cupcakes. Brea kicked things off with a rockin’ array of party music, then the Tunas took the stage and Adrienne impressed everyone with her super high karate kicks and puppetry (and Khattie sure looked hotter than shit in that bustier!). Ms. Led tore it up with their characteristically energetic, catchy punk rock (simply shocking considering they drove in from Denver that very same day) and were, as always, the sweetest band on the planet. What Made Milwaukee Famous rounded out the bill with an incredible set of electronic pop and garage rock attitude. Michael Kingcaid’s voice is simply one of the best in indie rock. (even Dave will admit that). And they’re just gloriously nice fellows to boot. Thanks to everyone that made this happen! Special shout outs go to Sarah who helped with cupcakes (and emotional support…), Pam who baked cookies, Beerland folk for helping out, Leslie for dropping by with flowers, Spencer for decorating help (and again, just being there) and of course Dave who had to bear the brunt of the freaking out and complaining and who drove all the way to Brea’s boyfriend’s to pick up extra drums for Khattie to play. Now that’s dedication! And then, finally, to everyone who came and made the event a success, I love you. If I weren’t married, I’d totally want to go out with you. I’ll have some pictures posted to the Girlstown website in a few days!

ROCKING!!! I'm sorry I missed it! Catch you guys at the next bash -- Nick
I had my boy steal me a second cupcake when Anna and Kim weren't looking!
Deeelicious and purty cupcakes and good feminist fun.
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