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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Another Counter-Coulter Bust

From my friend Miz Lyon: A UT student heckles Ann Coulter hilariously:


I had dreams of throwing a pie in her face myself. Sigh. Maybe when I'm not pregnant spending the night in jail won't seem as bad.


"MILF Incarcerated For Illicit Pie-Throwing"

Anna Breshears quoted as saying, "I did your face a favor you hag."

Ann Coulter retorted, "Woof! Woof! Ooooh, woof!"
This particular heckle doesn't even make sense and is actually pretty misogynistic and has shades of sexual violence. I don't see how that's funny I guess. Do people dislike her even more because she's a woman I wonder? Or is it just easier to make fun of women. Just wondering. I don't like her either, don't get me wrong.
and now ann coulter is creating controversy on my blog! how does she do it????
vulgar beyond words, but relevant "fan fiction" - or it it?

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