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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I'm Back...Really!

Due to 1) intense busyness and baby preparation, 2) an increased workload and 3) attention to My Ex Was A Cheapskate, I have been seriously remiss in updating you, oh blog of mine. I hope you forgive me. I promise I haven’t just been watching my belly button slowly disappear.

This weekend, we went to Houston to take Polly and Chloe (doggles) up to Dave’s parents’ house. We were concerned that Chloe, being mostly blind, would fall into the pool and drown. She surprised us by jumping in right away and swimming right to the stairs. She did a lap about every hour to cool off during the next two days, never once failing to lose her bearings. We had underestimated the old lady.

Mom and Dad (or I should say perhaps Grandma and Pa) B. took us shopping for Frankie stuff and we spent longer than any human should at Ikea. God DAMN that place is ridiculously large! Good chocolate mousse though, believe it or not. We ended up getting just about everything we needed – shelves, décor, a chest of drawers… then headed to Babies R Us and grabbed a crib and mattress. It was easy to pick out as we were very tired at that point. I think we almost killed Dave’s Dad.

Sunday was spent lounging by the pool and was very pleasant and low key except for the nasty sunburns we both got. I had put lotion everywhere but my shoulders and my belly, so I may have cooked little Frankie a bit. We are both in agonizing pain now, no matter how much lotion or aloe we apply.

It’s off to Saint Louis on Thursday for another round of Frankie worship. It’s a very long car trip – 16 hours. Hopefully our skin isn’t peeling off in large sheets by then.

Frankie's first trip to the Motherland.
Frankie B's first trip to Crown Candy Kitchen, I hope.
that is SO on my list of things to do...mmmm...chocolate malt....
I must hear about this Crown Candy Kitchen when you three get back. You never know when you might end up in St. Louis on a candy bender.
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