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Friday, June 03, 2005

And Malcolm and Angus Won't Like It One Bit!

Another weekend away (in Houston)! We’re going to visit Dave’s parents as it’s his mom’s birthday Sunday. We’ll also pick up the crib we bought (um, ok, they bought) last time we were there. So the final element of the nursery will be in place. For nursery pics, please visit our baby blog.

In other news, work is freaking kicking my ass. Basically, the woman who sort of had my position at our other division was fired and I’m picking up about half her work. Of course, they tell me this two days after giving me my yearly review (and less of a raise than I asked for). Coincidence? I think not. Bah. I find myself going entire days without even looking at the internet (except for work purposes). Oh God! What has my life come to?

Other than missing Deadwood (I hope Leslie & I can write about the show for the Fall issue of Bitch…), I’ve been staring at my bulbous stomach wondering how on earth it could possible get larger? How will I not teeter over forwards when walking? I already had to have Dave paint my toes the other day (he did a good job, too, except for the big toes, but he swears it was the polish). I did find out one of my best friends, Gina, is having a girl (her second), so now she’ll have either a girlfriend or boyfriend for little Frankie, whatever gender he prefers.

Anna, instead of *me* doing nails at Chris' Coiffures and Commisary, DAVE could do nails!
i really like "north austin hair and hooves"...
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