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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I've Become My Worst Fashion Nightmare

I’m staring down two big lists of things to do – one for work and one for home. And yet, at the moment, I’m doing….neither. I’m thinking about how dorky I look today. Unless you’ve got plenty of cash on hand, it’s difficult to look fashionable while pregnant. The inevitable look is one of…hippy-ness/yoga instructor. Loose skirts, t-shirts and drawstring pants…oh my! Just today Dave asked if my pants were made of hemp and granola. Yeah, har har. Tailored is strictly out. No cute shoes -- just flip flops. But mark my words, friends. I will never, wear overalls. NEVER. If I do, you have permission to rip them off my body and burn them.

Friends and family of Anna - I must ask you - DO NOT BELIEVE HER. She and Dave stopped by my place because Anna's awesome and made me a CD for my trip and she was so foxy I wrote her about it the next day.
awww, you! this of course guarantees new cds for ALL trips.
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