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Sunday, February 12, 2006

I Blame The Patriarchy

I've already recommended this blog to most of you...and I know I'm Just Shy already is a fan...but it's one of the best written blogs out there so I'm going to risk repetition and show the link yet again for I Blame The Patriarchy. It's full of Patriarchy Hatin' Goodness and about 90% of the time I feel like Twisty is stating exactly how I feel but, like, 200 times more eloquently than I ever could. Plus, she knows a good sandwich (and lives in Austin).

I often feel there is no point in writing my own blog, because she so often says exactly what I think (and have thought for a very long time), and is fearless in saying what are usually quite unpopular views. The other great part about her blog is the comments from readers. By and large, they are very intelligent, witty, and caring people and I find myself reading through many of them. Some great debates occur in the comments section.
Yeah, my blog seems kind of pointless compared to hers. Sigh. She should be paid a lot of money by someone to write - she's got skillz.
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