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Friday, July 07, 2006

Lay's Timely Escape

So, that asshole Ken Lay had to go and die before serving his prison sentence, didn’t he? I’m sure he willed himself that heart attack to get off easy. The bitch of it is that because he died before sentancing, his likely criminal conviction will be “vacated”. This will make it very difficult for the government to get their hands on his money.

"You can't have a criminal case without the criminal, and the criminal's gone," says Sam Buell, a former Enron Task Force prosecutor who now teaches law at George Washington University. "That means there's no more criminal forfeiture" of assets, he says. (from USA Today)

However, this could mean it’s easier for the victims to get a chunk through civil law suits.

Houston lawyer Thomas Ajamie says that for plaintiffs' lawyers, "It's a little easier to get at that money now that he's deceased, because the government's not going to go after it." (From USA Today)

Either way, I hate him for having the f*cking nerve to die.

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