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Monday, February 12, 2007

Wal-Mart Protest @ Northcross

Saturday, Frankie, Dave, Dave's Mom Judy and I went up to the "Arms Around Northcross" protest at Northcross Mall. I was surprised to see so many people on a cold Saturday morning. It was actually very inspiring. They did indeed have people around the entire mall -- in total, around 2,500 people. And yet the TV news coverage I saw via the internets was really shoddy and liked to focus on the fact that ther weren't MORE people. 2,500 isn't enough??? Gosh, I wonder if Wal-Mart happens to advertise on these stations. They focused on either teenagers that were there (?) or the radical contingency who are all "No Corporations!". Sadly, that was a tiny percentage of the people there - most were families who don't want to see their neighborhood deteriorate. Geez, what a bunch of crazies, right? The Statesman again gave poor coverage of the event and story in general (an article in the business section after they were announced as a tenant practically crawled right up Wal-Mart's ass & their understanding of events is pretty poor), not a surprise for the conservative rag.

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