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Monday, March 26, 2007

Who Needs The Pawn Shop?

You can just sell your baby to the state of Texas! The stunningly brilliant Texas Senator Dan Patrick is sponsoring S.B. 1567, a bill that was referred to the Texas Senate Health and Human Services Committee on Wednesday. It calls for the health department to "develop a program to encourage pregnant women to place their children for adoption rather than have an abortion... The program must include a $500 payment to each woman who is a resident of this state and a citizen of the United States who places a child for adoption rather than have an abortion." Obviously it's ridiculous and just another thing to make getting an abortion even harder than it already is. But I suppose it's creative!

Bitch Ph.D. wrote the following about this, which I thought summed it up nicely:

"So you're pregnant, you decide you cannot keep this pregnancy, you make an appointment with an abortion provider and you show up and there's a parental consent law (if you're under 18) and a mandatory 24-hour waiting period just to make sure you've thought about this, missy, and now they're also going to try one last ditch oh, hey, but would you reconsider if we offered you $500?"

"Honey, $500 isn't even going to pay for the extra groceries you'll eat during a pregnancy. Let alone the prenatal care, if you're not insured or on Medicaid, or the cost of the birth."

Senator Patrick, would you agree to take care of a neighbor's dog for nine months for a measly $500? Where the fuck do you get the balls to offer women $500 to rent out their uteruses and sell their children?
oops - there were supposed to be quotation marks around that last paragraph too.
it just shows how little they think of women. they figure those who get abortions are so stupid and money-grubbing and that they would be suceptible to a bribe! gross!
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