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Friday, May 18, 2007

Protest At Wal-Mart - Saturday May 19th @ Noon

For those of you in Austin without napping babies, please attend the protest at the Norcross Wal-Mart on Saturday May 19th at Noon. For those of you who may not know, Wal-Mart threatened everyone opposed to them coming into the Northcross location (including city council members) with lawsuits and basically said if neighborhoods didn’t go along with their plans, they would “take away” all the (really SMALL) concessions they made. So basically, let me translate this for you. Wal-Mart said “f*ck you” to concerns from Austin citizens living in the neighborhoods directly impacted by their store’s affect on traffic & crime (after sending out these cheery announcements to everyone in the zip code claiming they “worked with neighbors”…guess that didn’t work!) Yeah, they’re pretty cool that way.
Here is some annotated information from Responsible Growth For Northcross:

We are organizing a one-hour protest at the Norwood Wal-Mart Supercenter this Saturday afternoon from noon to 1:00 pm to keep the pressure on Wal-Mart. Please come help us send a clear message to Wal-Mart that it cannot threaten Austin and its neighborhoods. The neighborhoods of Northcross have rejected Wal-Mart¹s plans for Northcross Mall. Wal-Mart should either work with us to truly address concerns or abandon altogether its plan to locate at Northcross.

So bring your family, friends and neighbors this Saturday, May 19th, to the Norwood Wal-Mart at 183 & I-35 (1030 Norwood Park Blvd.) at noon. We will protest on the sidewalks along Norwood Park Blvd, not on Wal-Mart property. We will obey protesting rules:

* Stay on the public sidewalk or within the first 10 feet directly adjacent to public street if there is no sidewalk.
* Do not block driveways or access.
* Stay out of the street.
* Ignore any counter-protesters or rude passersby.

We will have signs and water (but it¹s always good to bring your own). Wear red. Help us make this protest so loud it¹s heard all the way to Bentonville.

Read more about it here.

how'd it go?

here's some pics and info. i don't think they got as many people as they wanted. since f-man was nappin', we couldn't go. it needs to be at, like, 9am for all the parents, like the arms around northcross protest.
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