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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Favorite Artists Of The Week

I read alot of design blogs during the day and envision all the possibilities and diy projects that I never have time for. I keep a folder of ideas for "my next house". I love the wide range of art and new artists that I'm exposed to while doing all this, uh, research. Like Jaime Zollars. Her work is whimsical without being overly cutesy. I particularly like this piece below called "Homecoming".


I also discovered Julie Knoblock today. Her Etsy store is called Tummyache. Though I'm not quite as impressed by the execution, her work really appeals to the my sense of humor. I thought about getting this one for Frankie, but then wondered if it was too twisted for a two year old's room.


And finally, check out Matte Stephens and his 60's/70's-rrific pop art.


Yeah, when my sister and I were young, we used to have some 70ish prints of cats, with giant eyes that were sad because their milk was spilt, hanging in our room. I think that has done some damage to my psyche.

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