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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Catalog Choice

You may have noticed the influx of unsolicited Christmas catalogs making their way into your mailbox and wondered how can I get rid of these damn things? I read about Catalog Choice via Angry Chicken. Everytime I get a catalog I put them in a pile; eventually, I carry the pile to my computer, log on, enter them into my account on the site and indicate I would like them cancelled. Then, I dump them in the recyling bin. Since I have just started this process and the site is fairly new, I have yet to see results. But I have high hopes and I think Catalog Choice deserves recognition for providing a valuable service. Negatives: I have encountered some problems navigating the site, but I think that is the Websense software on my work computer clogging things up. Also, though they have a large selection, they do not have every single catalog in their database. You can request that it be added. Positives: Duh. Less waste. No more stoopid catalogs you don't want to look at in your mailbox. And hell, if you're like me and you enjoy Design Within Reach, but don't like to be depressed that everything costs $1,000 ("within reach" my ass), cancel that shit so you don't have to look at it!

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