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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Product Report: ZuZu and Burt's Bees

Burt's Bees is no longer making concealer or powder. But they have a new Super Shiny lip gloss that is really nice & light. I found it at Target.

I've also been using ZuZu Luxe as a base and concealer. I'm really impressed by how "clean" (few ingredients) the products are. It's a tiny bit "dry" for me because it's oil free - that's my only complaint (most people will find that benficial I am sure). I bought it at Whole Foods. The eyeshadow is excellent: it's not a loose powder (that often drives me crazy because it gets all over the place) and shimmery rather than glittery. All of it is reasonable priced (for that kind of thing).

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