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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What I've Been Looking At Online This Week...

1) I've reading been enjoying Edward Keenan's Act Like A Man (found via Jezebel, another favorite). Check out his well-conceived essay (and don't forget to read the intelligent commentary at the end) on Man V. Guy for a discussion I haven't heard expressed much in media, though I and my lady friends talk these issues every single day...sometimes more than once.

Keenan writes: "The innovation of guyliness as a standard way of living is that it takes the boyhood shunning of responsibility and consequences and makes them permanent, celebrates them as values and mocks the self-importance and antiquity of anyone who thinks that’s a problem...Is the same true of women? Not that I can see, really, or at least not to the same extent. There is no great epidemic of women abandoning their children to just flake out with their friends. Women are afraid of growing old in many ways, but they aren’t so afraid of growing up...I know women who are flaky and screwed up, but they aren’t that way on purpose—they don’t reject the very idea of adulthood as a tool of oppression trying to padlock their individuality."

2) Poppytalk Handmade Blog is the blog portion of the indie artist storefront. I've found many wonderful new artists through this site, which generally points you towards an individual seller's etsy page. I find etsy very hard to navigate (there's just too much!) on it's own, and this helps narrow the field. The theme this month is a Mothers Day and Kid's Market...and there are, of course, too many adorable, creative items to mention here. Check out a few in the picture.

3) The Ephemeral Mailbox Museum is my friend Niku's wonderful, whimsical etsy shop. Her stuff sells out quickly, so if you see something you like go for it. I really dig her handmade buttons and her plushies.

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There was an editorial in the Dallas Morning News back in February that addressed this issue - more about single young men not wanting to grow up: The Child-Man"
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